This summer Arquitectura Sin Fronteras is running a crowdfunding campaign in order to expand the available funds and make possible the construction of the new infrastructure of the school in Les Roches, one of the communities where ASF is executing the project ¨La escuela, portal de desarrollo en  Haití» («The school, portal of the development in Haiti¨).

Arquitectura Sin Fronteras, together with the local NGO MIPROS, is implementing this project with the aim of improving the educational quality of three communities in an integrated manner (developing school’s infrastructures, teacher training and involving the community in fighting for education rights).

Les Roches is a small town located in the mountains of Haiti. Every day, their children had to travel several kilometers, crossing the mountains, to be able to attend school. Being this a determinant factor of schooling dropout, a group of people of Les Roches decided to found a small school for the community.

Currently, classes take place in an existing building that is in very precarious conditions. This building is, at the same time, the community center. The insufficient infrastructures force teachers to teach several levels and organize morning and afternoon shifts, which hampers the quality of education. Insufficient resources are impacting on the quality of education, obliging teachers to teach to children of different ages at the same time, but also having to teach more than one shift. This community, like the vast majority in Haiti, is very vulnerable and has no basic infrastructure: electricity, roads, water, sanitation…



One of the activities of the ASF project is to collaborate with the community of Les Roches in the construction of new infrastructures for their school: 3 classrooms, a kitchen with a lunch hall and toilets.

The school is being built by a group of apprentices from the community (unemployed people at risk of social exclusion) who are trained by ASF in safe construction, as a measure to enhance their future professional inclusion, but also to help developing safe and long-lasting constructions in the area.

Your donation will improve the education of more than 100 girls and boys through the construction of this school.




12 agosto 2019